The Kashful Mahjub
Syed Ali Bin Uthman Al-Hujweri
Paperback (ASN) 476 pages
ISBN 9789830653419
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"Kashful Mahjub, originally in Persian, was written at the request of a student of Sufism at the time, who had asked the shaikh to compile a comprehensive study on tasawwuf (Sufism) as a guide for spiritual aspirants. Although al-Hujweri was a master in the science of Islamic scholasticism and his judgments based on logic, the conclusions he arrives at are the result of his deep spiritual experience, where he shows the absence of any conflict between real Sufism and Islamic Shariah. Starting from the life of the Prophet’s brimful experience of Divine nearness, Presence, Union and Communion, this book describes the spiritual experiences of the Companions of the Prophet, Companions of the Companions (tabi’in), their Companions (taba-tabi’in), and the Imams (heads) of the four schools of Islamic law (Ahli-Sunnah-wal-Jama’ah), showing in truth, “when Sufism was made to leave Islam,” and that it is not the so called question of “when Sufism ‘entered’ Islam.” This book also explains the various aspects of Sufism in a thorough yet simple manner."
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