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Why An Islamic State: The Life Projects of Two Great European Muslims
M A Sherif
Paperback (IBT) 56 pages
ISBN 9789675062391
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"Muhammad Asad (1900-1992), the Jewish convert to Islam who rose to fame with his autobiographical work, The Road to Mecca, and Alija Izerbegovic (1925-2003), the Bosnian leader during the Balkan wars, were men imbued in Islam's spiritualising and moralising force that translated into political activism. Their intellectual journeys will inspire a younger generation of concerned Muslims, who look to religion not just as a private affair or cultural phenomenon, but as a paradigm with its own norms and notions, including the project of an Islamic state."
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Jafar Peters
03 Mar 2010, 23:06
An important premise of the book/essay - that Europeans who converted to Islam are linked more to their spiritual side of Islam, instead of its other political/social dimensions, is a good observation by the author.
Ilyas Amini
27 Jan 2010, 19:33
I find the title a bit misleading. The essay is more about Asad and Izetbegovic and their unique contribution to European Islam. Otherwise, a good small contribution.

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