The 2nd Abdullah Yusuf Ali Memorial Lecture

Lecture delivered by Dr Muzaffar Iqbal, founder-president of Center for Islam and Science, Canada, at Mahsa University College, Petaling Jaya, 8 January, 2011.

(Pics to follow) The second Abdullah Yusuf Ali Memorial Lecture was convened successfully on January 8, 2011. Held at the auditorium of Mahsa University College in Petaling Jaya, more than 200 people turned up at the event, to hear scholar and writer Dr Muzaffar Iqbal speak on the subject "Between Believers and Non-Believers: The Qur'an in the Contemporary World".

The event this time was co-organised with Yayasan Pendidikan Islam, a foundation to help educational activities among Muslims in Malaysia.

The lecture was also attended by former prime minister of Malaysia, Abdullah Badawi, who at the end of the programme also launched the Malaysian edition of M.M.Azami's The History of the Qur'anic Text, a 448-page book studying the Qur'anic revelation from historical and scientific perspectives, and offers insights into the Orientalist distortion of history.

Dr Muzaffar's lecture also was underlined by a similar theme. In 45 minutes, Dr Muzaffar explained the differences between studying the Qur'an based on real conviction, and studying the Qur'an merely as an academic exercise such as the Orientalists.

The latter, according to Dr Muzaffar, have lately worn the new garb of academic pursuit, with many non-Muslim scholars attempting to justify past Orientalist distortions about the Qur'an using scientific methods backed neither by facts nor indepth research. Dr Muzaffar also proposed the establishment of an Institute of Qur'anic Studies which can bring together genuine Muslim scholars to study aspects of the Qur'an from a truly Muslim scientific tradition.

The future Lecture under the Abdullah Yusuf Ali Memorial series has yet to be decided by Islamic Book Trust.




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