Malaysia: Fifty Years of Diplomacy, 1957-2007 by Chandran Jeshurun

Launched by Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Prime Minister of Malaysia.
at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, 10 December 2007.

Excerpts from launching speech by prime minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi:

My congratulations to everyone involved in coming out with this important book, “Malaysia: Fifty Years of Diplomacy, 1957-2007”.

I say important because the book has successfully captured the essence of 50 years of Malaysian foreign policy and diplomacy. It is a proud record of Malaysia’s achievements in the realm of international relations. It will serve as a reminder of what we did right and how we did it.

PM Abdullah takes a look at some IBT/TOP books on sale at the launch


Abdullah launching the book

The book also records occasions where we did not do well and what went wrong. The book will be a useful companion to all Malaysians who have an interest in world affairs, especially the professionals in the Malaysian Foreign Service who have the task of negotiating with other well trained practitioners of the same profession from other countries. Malaysian diplomats must master the best practices in the art of diplomacy .

The best diplomats are those who are able to secure for their country the best possible deal, with the other side also feeling good about what they get in the same process. After all, nations are made up of people. Taking care of the feelings of other countries is always an important aspect of effective diplomacy. Making sure that no one loses face is as important in inter-state as it is in inter-personal relations, in fact even more so.

In the best tradition of academic enquiry, this book records and analyzes the growth and progress of Malaysia’s foreign policy and diplomacy. At the same time, it provides any person with interest in politics, history or current affairs a very readable work of scholarship to source their understanding of international relations and their relevance to national development and the people’s wellbeing in general.

I am certain that today’s launch of this publication entitled “Malaysia: Fifty Years of Diplomacy, 1957-2007” will remain, for a long time, as one of the most important events that took place in the celebration of our country’s 50th birthday. Let me say congratulations once again to the author and the others directly involved in one way or another in the timely publication of this significant work.


Abdullah talks to IBT founding trustee P K Koya Kutty

Abdullah being briefed on IBT and TOP publications


This book should inspire all Malaysians to be looking into the future and thinking ahead, about what Malaysia should become and where Malaysia should stand, among the international community of nations, say 50 years from today.


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