Amin Ahmad Islahi
Translated by Mohammad Saleem Kayani
Paperback, 288 pages



Tadabbur-e-Qur’an by Amin Ahsan Islahi invites the reader to ponder and reflect on the message of the Qur’an. It is based on the principle of nazm or coherence and refutes the oft-repeated allegation that the Holy Book lacks order and continuity.
The present volume covers the third chapter of the Qur’an, Surah Ali ‘Imran. It serves as an important resource for students of the Qur’an because its contents are structured into logical sections and subsections with respect to theme and content. Each portion can thus be studied on a week-by-week or other regular basis in a systematic manner. The whole approach is to welcome enquiring and questioning minds to engage with the message of the Qur’an.

Price: RM65.00 / S/B$35.00 / US$25.00


Syed Hussein Alatas
Paperback, 182 pages



Corruption is a disease that can sweep through a society like a tidal wave, leaving in its wake a trail of negligence, lethargy, inefficiency and callous disregard of man’s inhumanity to man. What is it like to live inside such a society? Why has it taken such strong root in so many countries? Is there no sense of outrage and shame against such a phenomenon among our elite? What can be done to stem the tide? Is it corruption as it is known in the West? These disturbing questions and more are answered in this book. Corruption in all its forms, bribery nepotism and extortion, is shown for what it is – a major cause of the dehumanization and victimization of innocent people. The corrupt have no aspirations for the betterment of their societies. For this reason, all decent people must be gravely concerned with the problem and nurture the next generation to confront the corrupt and disrupt their way of life.

Price: RM29.00 / S/B$17.00 / US$12.00


ISLAMIC ETHICS OF TECHNOLOGY: An Objectives' (Maqasid) Approach
Amana Raquib
Paperback, 404 pages



This book approaches the question of technology from an Islamic ethical perspective. The book tries to broaden the scope of the Sharia to deal comprehensively with the ethical questions and dilemmas that arise in the midst of a postmodern technological culture due to the absence of well-defined religious-ethical ends. It looks at the maqasid as a universal ethical theory to be interpreted and applied in the global technological context. It weaves the contemporary philosophical analysis of technology within the maqasid discourse and assesses modern technology through the lens of the ultimate aims and purposes of the Sharia. It works out the relationship between the various objectives and how they can be developed into an Islamic ethics of technology. Following in the recent interest in the objectives of the Sharia, the book further expands the scope of the maqasid and carries it further to encompass metaphysical and ethical debates surrounding technology. Anyone interested in finding alternatives to the existing technological model will find this book valuable. Specifically those interested in Islam and Modern World and how ijtihad is being undertaken to tackle contemporary ethical problems will find this book helpful

Price: RM63.00 / S/B$33.00 / US$23.00


translated by Louay Fatoohi
Paperback, 108 pages



Shaikh ‘Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani is arguably the greatest figure in the history of Sufism. His teachings have attracted millions to Islam and helped countless Muslims understand the spiritual journey that this great religion represents.
The current work consists of fifteen short letters in which the Shaikh describes spiritual experiences and knowledge that are attained through striving against one’s base desires and committed devotion to Allah. They are written in a highly mystical language, using a peculiar style whereby each sentence or group of sentences is followed by a related Qur’anic text. In effect, the letters represent a Sufi experiential interpretation of the quoted Qur’anic verses. While small in size, this exceptionally charming and poetically beautiful work is immensely profound.

Price: RM28.00 / S/B$17.00 / US$13.00


MALAYSIA-SINGAPORE: Fifty Years of Contentions 1965-2015
Kadir Mohamad
Hardbound, 364 pages



This book offers an interesting and informative account of the often fractious relations between two countries in the heart of Southeast Asia. It outlines the primary issues that plagued relations between Malaysia and Singapore in the last fifty years and the political, diplomatic and legal initiatives taken to address them.
The author gives a first-person narrative of the seemingly endless behind-the-scene episodes that have brought the love-hate relationship to where they are today. He further delves into the vast reservoir of information on the rocky bilateral relationship to provide a reasonable argument over why Malaysia has behaved as it has since 1965. Exhaustive record of, among others, minutes, letters and documents are brought to light to substantiate the Malaysian view in relation to issues of contention with Singapore.
Coming from an insider with more than four eventful decades in the Malaysian Foreign Service, it will be an eye opener for many.

Price: RM100.00 / S/B$50.00 / US$33.00


Islahee Muhammad Yousuf
Paperback, 98 pages



In Quest of Knowledge is the story of Imam Muhammad ibn Idris al-Shafi‘i’s search for knowledge. The story revolves round a son whose sole mission in life is to acquire knowledge, a teacher who lovingly accepts him, and a widow who not only bears with the separation of her only son but also shares his passion for knowledge. Their innate nobility, their ability to suffer for a common cause, their intense love for the Prophet (s) and their infinite trust in Allah give them the dimensions of epic heroes.

Price: RM17.00 / S/B$9.00 / US$7.00


Osman Bakar
Paperback, 364 pages



This book presents a thematic treatment of Islamic civilisation. Each of the fourteen chapters comprising this book treats at least one of the major themes that are characteristic of this youngest religiously-based civilisation of the world. The author’s thematic approach is primarily meant to promote a better appreciation of the living nature of Islamic civilisation. The book’s content provides ample evidence that Islamic civilisation is not merely a passing historical phenomenon. The various themes it discusses clearly demonstrate the continuing relevance of Islamic civilisation to the present and future humanity.

Price: RM65.00 / S/B$35.00 / US$25.00


Paperback, 169 pages



This is a translation of the third book from the fourth volume of Imam al-Ghazali’s magnum opus Ihya Ulum al-Din, concerning the means of salvation, that is, the techniques or therapies by which the cure of the soul is achieved. This book might well be described as an essay in the tactics of propagating the Faith to the community at large. The principle objective is to outline the salutary employment of fear and hope in the cure of the soul. The book deals with a topic of pastoral psychology and is a good sample of the work of Imam al-Ghazali in so far as it illustrates some of the reasons why he has attained so commanding a position within Islam and exercised so great an influence on the course of theological thought.

Price: RM33.00 / S/B$19.00 / US$14.00


Louay Fatoohi
Paperback, 101 pages



In the written Qur’an, known as “mushaf,” the chapters are not arranged in the chronological order of their revelation, so the first and last verses in the mushaf are not the first and last revealed verses, respectively. There are a number of had?ths and historical reports about which verses and chapters were revealed first and last. This book examines the credibility of each report, evaluates the views of scholars, and presents its own conclusions. Focused on the subject of the first and last revelations of the Qur’an, this book is by far the most comprehensive and complete study of this area of the Sciences of the Qur’an.

Price: RM17.00 / S/B$9.00 / US$7.00


Afzal Iqbal
Paperback, 319 pages



Rumi is perhaps the only example in world literature of a devoted prose writer who suddenly burst forth into poetry during middle age to become a truly great mystical poet for all time. This book, a long-overdue reckoning of his life and work, begins with a description and examination of the living conditions in 13th-century Persia. Building on this context, the author proceeds to fully analyze the formative period of Rumi’s life leading up to 1261– when he began the monumental work of writing the Mathnawi. Toward the end of the book, the author investigates Rumi’s thought and includes translations of those portions of the Mathnawi that have been hitherto unavailable in English. Combining an unparalleled familiarity with the source material, a total and critical understanding of the subject, and a powerful and readable prose style, this is an extraordinary study of a truly remarkable poet and mystic..

Price: RM39.00 / S/B$22.00 / US$16.00


DYNASTIC CHINA: An Elementary History
Tan Koon San
Paperback, 533 pages



Dynastic China: An Elementary History surveys four millennia of China’s history. It traced commentaries from the mythological period of Pangu, creator of the Chinese universe, and the Goddess Nuwa, creator of the Chinese people, through to the legendary periods of the Xia, Shang and Zhou dynasties to subsequent succeeding dynasties from the Qin Dynasty (221 BC) to the end of the Qing Dynasty (1912 AD).

Price: RM65.00 / S/B$35.00 / US$25.00


Abu Sa'id al-Kharraz
Paperback, 132 pages



The importance of this treatise lies in the fact that it is the earliest systematic presentation of the theory of Sufi experience, written by a practicing Sufi. Beginning with the idea of Sidq or truthfulness, the author develops his theme to include “stations” of fear, hope, trust, love, shame, longing, intimacy, all of which the mystic must pass on his path to God.


Price: RM17.00 / S/B$9.00 / US$7.00


S.A. Rahman
Paperback, 183 pages

This book examines each and every aspect of Islamic jurisprudence connected with the question of apostasy in a detailed manner. The post-9/11 ‘war on terror’ has underscored the crucial importance of understanding the issue distinctly in its religious and political contexts.


Price: RM28.00 / S/B$17.00 / US$14.00


AHMED DEEDAT: The Man and his Mission
by Goolam Vahed
Hardbound, 312 pages



This book chronicles the fascinating story of South African Muslim preacher Ahmad Deedat, from his days working in a remote rural grocery shop to become a figure of great renown in many parts of the Muslim world. By the 1980s, crowds in their thousands were cramming into lecture halls to hear him speak. Always eager to challenge and debate, Deedat confronted leading evangelical Christians on their interpretations of biblical teachings, often on their own turf. Hundreds of thousands of his pamphlets, books, videos and audio recordings have circulated globally. This book provides a wealth of information for anyone interested in the message of Islam, in interfaith dialogue, in religious polemics, or in the less documented aspects of South African and anti-colonial history.

Price: RM65.00 / S/B$35.00 / US$25.00


THE HISTORY OF THE QUR'ANIC TEXT: From Revelation to Compilation
M.M. Al-Azami
Paperback, 448 pages



The book provides unique insight into the holy text’s immaculate preservation, as well as exploring many of the accusations leveled against it. The reception of the divine revelations, Prophet Muhammad’s role in disseminating and compiling these verses, and the setting of the text’s final external shape, are scientifically examined alongside such topics as the origins of Arabic, the so-called Mushaf of Ibn Mas’ud, and the strict methodology employed in assembling textual fragments. With full colour illustrations throughout.

Price: RM69.00 / S/B$36.00 / US$25.00


Soheil M. Afnan
Paperback, 300 pages



Avicenna, or Ibn Sina, the tenth-century Persian scientist-philosopher, is beyond doubt the most provocative figure in the history of thought. With a wideness of range, a vigour of thought, and a unity of conception unequalled among the philosophers, his thoughts extended far beyond the Eastern lands, giving rise to the most complete philosophical system that the Islamic world was to have. Avicenna’s works can be of guidance to those in the East who are meeting the challenge of Western civilization; and to those in the West who have yet to find a basis on which to harmonize scientific with spiritual values. This book attempts to present them to the general reader.

Price: RM43.00 / S/B$26.00 / US$19.00


Heather Stroud
Paperback, 841 pages


This is the story of Fida, who sets out on a journey to the Occupied Territories. It is not only a novel about tragedy, discovery and love; it is also a story that delves into the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. Moving between England, the West Bank and Gaza, the unfolding events, while fictional, reveal an authentic reality that is based on actual events.

"This is an action-packed and gripping love story on multiple levels. The depiction of the lives of ordinary Palestinians is highly accurate... This is an inspiring book, leaving the reader wanting to go out to look for the characters in its pages."
-Dr Ang Swee Chai, author of From Beirut to Jerusalem


Price: RM49.00 / S/B$25.00 / US$19.00


IN THE SPIRIT OF ST. FRANCIS & THE SULTAN: Catholics and Muslims Working Together for the Common Good
George Dardess and Marvin L. Krier Mich
Paperback, 223 pages




This is one of the many efforts at promoting cooperation and peaceful coexistence between Christians and Muslims through dialogue on social justice issues. The authors present St Francis and Sultan Malik as spiritual giants illuminating the dialogical journey in the book, in which the reader is invited to check-in and learn from them. This book is useful for both interfaith activists and those interested in comparative religion.

Price: RM35.00 / S/B$20.00 / US$13.00


Arab Islam, Religious Freedom, and Equidistance
Scott Morrison
Paperback, 247 pages




The separation of religion and the state is called secularism, yet even in the most avowedly secular western democracies, the reality is more complex. The author examines the rich spectrum of configurations of religion and state in the former Christendom, and juxtaposes secular ideals and practices governing church and state with contemporary debates among Arab Muslims concerning mosque and state. It contends that no single model, including secularism, is universally appropriate or consistent with religious freedom. Instead, it moots equidistance - the principle of state impartiality towards religion.

Price: RM39.00 / S/B$22.00 / US$16.00


THE JEWELS OF THE QUR'AN: Al-Ghazali's Theory
A translation, with an introduction and annotation of al-Ghazali's Kitab Jawahir al-Qur'an
Muhammad Abu Quasem
Paperback, 249 pages



This work, a translation of Imam al-Ghazali's Kitab Jawahir al-Qur'an, contains his views on several broad problems relating to the study of the Qur'an, in which various parts of the Qur'an are comprared to various types of valuables, such as jewels, pearls, rubies, red brimstones, corundums, etc. The book also carries translation of over 1500 verses which al-Ghazali calls the jewels and the pearls of the Qur'an. This classification is unprecendented in the history of Qur'anic studies, presented here in free-flowing modern English which makes the work scholarly and enjoyable.


Price: RM39.00 / S/B$22.00 / US$16.00


A translation of Shah Waliyullah's treatise on principles of Qur'anic exegesis
Shah Waliyullah, translated by G.N. Jalbani
Paperback, 128 pages




This is among the important works of India's most celebrated scholar and expounder of the Qur'an, Shah Waliyullah (d.1762). It is considered the best compilation ever preprared on the subject. His approach to the study of the Qur'an is independent and in conformity with the exigencies of logic. It helps in clearing the cobwebs of misconception which sometimes crop up in the minds of non-Muslim readers.

Price: RM29.00 / S/B$16.00 / US$12.00


Mahmoud Ayoub
Paperback, 443 pages



Using commentaries from the classical period through the medieval and modern periods to the present, this is the second of a two-volume work presenting the Qur'an as Muslims have understood it and interiorized it throughout its rich exegetical history. This volume contains the third surah of the Qur'an, 'Al-Imran'.


Price: RM65.00 / S/B$35.00 / US$25.00


A Study of a Ninth Century Mystic
Ali Hassan Abdel-Kader
Paperback, 212 pages



Al-Junayd (d. circa 910) was one of the most significant figures of the formative period of Islamic mysticism in the ninth century, when Sufis were condemned as 'heretics'. This rare study of the Sufi master is divided into three parts, the first containing an account of his life and works. In the second part, his doctrines on Tawhid (Unity of God), Mithaq (Divine Covenant), Fana (Dissolution in the Divine Presence), and Sahw (Mystical Sobriety) are discussed. The third part has a translation of his 'Letters', or Rasa'il.

Price: RM44.00 / S/B$22.00 / US$16.00


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