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AHMED DEEDAT: The Man and his Mission
by Goolam Vahed
Paperback, 312 pages



This book chronicles the fascinating story of South African Muslim preacher Ahmad Deedat, from his days working in a remote rural grocery shop to become a figure of great renown in many parts of the Muslim world. By the 1980s, crowds in their thousands were cramming into lecture halls to hear him speak. Always eager to challenge and debate, Deedat confronted leading evangelical Christians on their interpretations of biblical teachings, often on their own turf. Hundreds of thousands of his pamphlets, books, videos and audio recordings have circulated globally. This book provides a wealth of information for anyone interested in the message of Islam, in interfaith dialogue, in religious polemics, or in the less documented aspects of South African and anti-colonial history.

Price: RM49.00 / S/B$25.00 / US$19.00


SAHIH AL-BUKHARI: The Early Years of Islam
Translated and explained by Muhammad Asad
Paperback, 372 pages



This work comprises the historical chapters of the most important compilations of the Prophet's traditions (Hadith) by Imam al-Bukhari and depicts the beginning of the Prophet's revelation, the merits of the Companions and the early years of Islam up to and including the turning point of Islamic history, the Battle of Badr.

Price: RM70.00 / S/B$36.00 / US$27.00


Yusuf al-Qaradawi
Paperback, 430 pages



This famous work by Yusuf al-Qaradawi has enjoyed a huge readership I the Muslim world and has been translated into many languages. It dispels the ambiguities surrounding the Shariah to fulfil the essential needs of the Muslims in this age. It clarifies the halal (lawful) and why it is halal, and the haram (prohibited) and why it is haram, referring to the Qur'an and Sunnah. It answers questions which may face the Muslims today, and refutes the ambiguities and lies about Islam.

Price: RM35.00 / S/B$20.00 / US$15.00


Heather Stroud
Paperback, 841 pages


This is the story of Fida, who sets out on a journey to the Occupied Territories. It is not only a novel about tragedy, discovery and love; it is also a story that delves into the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. Moving between England, the West Bank and Gaza, the unfolding events, while fictional, reveal an authentic reality that is based on actual events.

"This is an action-packed and gripping love story on multiple levels. The depiction of the lives of ordinary Palestinians is highly accurate... This is an inspiring book, leaving the reader wanting to go out to look for the characters in its pages."
-Dr Ang Swee Chai, author of From Beirut to Jerusalem


Price: RM49.00 / S/B$25.00 / US$19.00


IN THE SPIRIT OF ST. FRANCIS & THE SULTAN: Catholics and Muslims Working Together for the Common Good
George Dardess and Marvin L. Krier Mich
Paperback, 223 pages



This is one of the many efforts at promoting cooperation and peaceful coexistence between Christians and Muslims through dialogue on social justice issues. The authors present St Francis and Sultan Malik as spiritual giants illuminating the dialogical journey in the book, in which the reader is invited to check-in and learn from them. This book is useful for both interfaith activists and those interested in comparative religion.

Price: RM35.00 / S/B$20.00 / US$13.00


Arab Islam, Religious Freedom, and Equidistance
Scott Morrison
Paperback, 247 pages



The separation of religion and the state is called secularism, yet even in the most avowedly secular western democracies, the reality is more complex. The author examines the rich spectrum of configurations of religion and state in the former Christendom, and juxtaposes secular ideals and practices governing church and state with contemporary debates among Arab Muslims concerning mosque and state. It contends that no single model, including secularism, is universally appropriate or consistent with religious freedom. Instead, it moots equidistance - the principle of state impartiality towards religion.

Price: RM39.00 / S/B$22.00 / US$16.00


THE JEWELS OF THE QUR'AN: Al-Ghazali's Theory
A translation, with an introduction and annotation of al-Ghazali's Kitab Jawahir al-Qur'an
Muhammad Abu Quasem
Paperback, 249 pages

This work, a translation of Imam al-Ghazali's Kitab Jawahir al-Qur'an, contains his views on several broad problems relating to the study of the Qur'an, in which various parts of the Qur'an are comprared to various types of valuables, such as jewels, pearls, rubies, red brimstones, corundums, etc. The book also carries translation of over 1500 verses which al-Ghazali calls the jewels and the pearls of the Qur'an. This classification is unprecendented in the history of Qur'anic studies, presented here in free-flowing modern English which makes the work scholarly and enjoyable.


Price: RM39.00 / S/B$22.00 / US$16.00


A translation of Shah Waliyullah's treatise on principles of Qur'anic exegesis
Shah Waliyullah, translated by G.N. Jalbani
Paperback, 128 pages



This is among the important works of India's most celebrated scholar and expounder of the Qur'an, Shah Waliyullah (d.1762). It is considered the best compilation ever preprared on the subject. His approach to the study of the Qur'an is independent and in conformity with the exigencies of logic. It helps in clearing the cobwebs of misconception which sometimes crop up in the minds of non-Muslim readers.

Price: RM29.00 / S/B$16.00 / US$12.00


Mahmoud Ayoub
Paperback, 443 pages

Using commentaries from the classical period through the medieval and modern periods to the present, this is the second of a two-volume work presenting the Qur'an as Muslims have understood it and interiorized it throughout its rich exegetical history. This volume contains the third surah of the Qur'an, 'Al-Imran'.


Price: RM65.00 / S/B$35.00 / US$25.00


A Study of a Ninth Century Mystic
Ali Hassan Abdel-Kader
Paperback, 212 pages

Al-Junayd (d. circa 910) was one of the most significant figures of the formative period of Islamic mysticism in the ninth century, when Sufis were condemned as 'heretics'. This rare study of the Sufi master is divided into three parts, the first containing an account of his life and works. In the second part, his doctrines on Tawhid (Unity of God), Mithaq (Divine Covenant), Fana (Dissolution in the Divine Presence), and Sahw (Mystical Sobriety) are discussed. The third part has a translation of his 'Letters', or Rasa'il.

Price: RM44.00 / S/B$22.00 / US$16.00


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