Fundamental Rethink of the Shariah

Faiz Abdullah

Paperpack, 415 pages


The Muslim world and its ummah are in dire need of an ideational paradigm change towards reform and renewal. The conception of the Shariah as being doctrinaire, legalistic and one-dimensional needs to be deconstructed. This book attempts to bring clarity to the subject and determine its province. The institution of the madhhab with the doctrines of ijtihad, taqlid and ikhtilaf is examined to shed greater light on the Shariah as divine guidance to the ummah as well as canonical law. This also warrants a study of fiqh, ‘ilm al-fiqh and usul al-fiqh which tend to be erroneously interchanged with Shariah, which in turn blurs the distinction between divine law and juristic

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AL-FUTUHAT AL-MAKKIYAH: The Openings in Makkah
Volume 1: Books 1 and 2

Ibn 'Arabi
Translated by Eric Winkel

Hard cover, 620 pages


Volume 1 includes the first two books of the thirty-seven books of Ibn ‘Arab?’s greatest work al-Futuhat al-Makkiyah (The Openings in Makkah). The Greatest Teacher, al-shaykh al-akbar, Ibn ‘Arab? dictated to his close friends this work of over 10,000 manuscript pages depicting the extraordinary vision of the Youth he encountered while circling the Ka‘bah in Makkah.

Despite its clear provenance as a completely accurate work, from the hand and mind of its transcriber, and its reputation through the centuries as the most significant and profound reflection of Islamic thought, the Futuhat al-Makkiyah has never been translated from the original classical Arabic in its entirety.

Price: RM 150.00 / S/B$ 70.00 / US$ 45.00


The New War Machine

Hans Husum

Paperback, 205 pages with color photos


Surgery doesn’t make sense anymore. The injuries are too bad and there are too many of them. Those at the other end are far too powerful. Something very bad is happening, but I am not able to see the pattern clearly – just bits and pieces of a mosaic partly obscured. Sisters and brothers, this raises a disturbing question: if there is a monster on the move and the pattern of malice is hidden, how then can we cope?

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Shahnawaz Khan
Foreword by Jawaharlal Nehru

Paperback, 320 pages with photos


My Memories of I.N.A. and its Netaji is an eyewitness account of I.N.A. and its Netaji from a man who was intimately associated with Netaji for the entire period he was in East Asia: the author Shahnawaz Khan was with him in Singapore; then he moved with him to Burma where he stayed together with  Netaji nearly a year and half. I.N.A. made history not only in Malaya and Burma but also in people’s minds all over India. The book provides an important record of an important undertaking.

Price: RM 45.00 / S/B$ 23.00 / US$ 19.00


Updated Edition

Ang Swee Chai

Paperback, 420 pages


I still have with me my picture of destitute Palestinian children of Shatila camp standing amid the ruin and rubble. They survived the massacre but lost their parents and homes. We thought all was lost. But they raised their hands making the victory sign and said to me: “We are not afraid, let Israel come”. I have returned many times to the camp but never been able to find those children again. They must have perished since. But they live forever in my heart. Whenever the situation becomes unbearable, I revisit this picture for strength.

Price: RM 49.00 / S/B$ 25.00 / US$ 19.00


PONDERING OVER THE QUR'AN (Tadabbur-e-Qur'an):
Vol. I, Surah al-Fatihah and al-Baqarah

Amin Ahsan Islahi
Translated by Mohammad Saleem Kayani

Paperback, 694 pages



This English translation of the tafsir of Surah al-Fatihah and Surah al-Baqarah is part of the eight-volume Urdu tafsir, Tadabbur-e-Qur'an (Pondering over the Qur'an). This tafsir is based on the principle of coherence, and is perhaps the first sustained and successful attempt to demonstrate such coherence and to refute the oft-repeated allegation of the lack of order or integrity in the Qur'an. Without recognising and appreciating the coherence of the Qur'an, one may gain knowledge of certain commandments and teachings but will remain ignorant of the Qur'anic wisdom (hikmah) contained in its beautifully integrated and holistic message. The Urdu original was first published in 1967, the result of the life-long work of Amin Ahsan Islahi (1904-1997), a pre-eminent scholar of the Qur'an.

Price: RM 95.00 / S/B$ 49.00 / US$ 32.00


'A'id al-Qarni
Paperback, 176 pages



Today, the malady of hypocrisy has made inroads on Muslims. This book, based on ‘A’id al-Qarni’s Thalathuna ‘Alamah li al-Munafiq (Thirty Signs of the Hypocrites), aims to help Muslims shun acts of hypocrisy. Citing relevant hadiths and verses from the Holy Qur’an, the book presents a detailed picture of hypocrisy ­– what it is, what its signs are, and what happens to hypocrites in the hereafter – without targeting any particular individuals, organizations or parties. The rationale behind the book is that if Muslims can recognize the signs of hypocrisy, they can avoid them and save themselves from the punishment that awaits hypocrites in the hereafter.

‘A’id al-Qarni is a Saudi Islamic scholar, respected author and activist.

Price: RM19.00 / S/B$10.00 / US$8.00




Malik Badri
Paperback, 144 pages


Psychology, with all its by-products and off shoots, has assumed in the West the status of religion, and for many people has replaced it. As in other areas of social sciences, some Muslim thinkers and scholars have developed an amazing skill for the unthinking repetition and blind copying of Western, non-Islamic ideas and practices. “In the Lizard’s Hole” is a Prophetic epitaph that describes this activity very well. Some Muslim psychologists insist dogmatically on prying even into lizard’s holes that have been partly or totally abandoned by their Western counterparts. But do Muslims really need modern psychology at all? Is modern psychology wholly Western? Is there a way in which it could be reconciled with Islam? These burning questions lie lurking behind the dilemma of Muslim psychologists.

Price: RM 33.00 / S/B$ 19.00 / US$ 14.00




Theoretical Perspectives and Case Studies

Edited and with an introduction by Mohamed El-Tahir El-Mesawi
Paperback, 464 pages


Difference, diversity and variation among human beings, both as individuals and groups, and hence, the presence of the different Other together with the Self have always been one of the main expressions and ramifications of the original identity and essential unity of the human species. Unity in diversity, or vice versa, is one of the wonders of the creation exemplified in the creature that has been given pre-eminence and glory in the cosmos as God’s trustee and vicegerent on earth. Whatever the manifestations of difference and forms of diversity and plurality obtaining in and among human societies might be, they in no way obliterate human original identity and essential unity emanating from a God-fashioned original nature or fitrah.

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Osman Bakar
Paperback, 224 pages


This book presents a new study of one of the major themes of the Qur’an. The theme of Qur’anic pictures of the universe treated here pertains to as yet a little explored facet of Islamic cosmology. Through this particular thematic study of the Qur’an the author has made a significant contribution to the contemporary understanding of the scriptural foundation of Islamic cosmology and the present discourse on epistemology of scientific exegesis (tafsīr ‘ilmy) of the Qur’an. The book offers many new insights that will prove particularly helpful to those interested in deepening their understanding of Qur’anic perspectives on cosmology, the natural sciences, and religion and science.

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Imran Ahsan Khan Nyazee
Paperback, 192 pages


Riba or interest is the most important issue of Islamic law in the modern world. There is unanimous agreement among Muslim jurists that riba is prohibited strictly by the texts of the Qur’an as well as by those of the Sunnah. When it comes to the identification of the transactions that would fall under the prohibition of riba, however, there is some disagreement among the scholars. In modern times, the discussion is mostly about interest charged and paid by the banks. Some scholars uphold that all kinds of interest charged by the bank are prohibited, while others maintain that only some kinds are prohibited. This book analyses the issue in the light of the writings of the early jurists and presents the operation of the rules of riba in a simplified manner.

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Sayed Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi
Paperback, 184 pages


The very first and foremost demand that Islam makes of its adherents is to correct and purify their ‘aqidah. In fact, ‘aqidah was the main focus of the mission of every prophet from Prophet Adam (the first prophet) to Prophet Muhammad (the last prophet). Thus, this book, a translation of the Urdu Islam ke Teen Bunyadi ‘Aqaid, focuses on three core elements of Islamic ‘aqidah (faith): tawhid (Allah’s oneness), risalah (prophethood) and akhirah (life hereafter). A clear understanding of the attributes of Allah, the role and status of prophets and life hereafter is very essential to fully and correctly understand Islam. The author explains these topics in a very methodical way with the help of Qur’anic verses and authentic hadiths (sayings and practices of Prophet Muhammad).

Price: RM35.00 / S/B$20.00 / US$13.00





Completely revised edition of Fazlul Karim's translation
Paperback, 576 pages


The Revival of the Religious Sciences by Imam al-Ghazālī can be described as a book that will never i.e. This is because it contains a vital cognitive force that time cannot obliterate. In it the Imam discusses Islamic rulings, beliefs and character, in the style of an admonisher who understands the psyche and its secrets as well as spiritual diseases. What distinguishes this book from others is its strong spiritual influence on the reader which makes him seek both soundness of heart and his Lord’s pleasure through acts of worship, rather than the mere performance of acts of worship so that they are legally valid.
The book is a comprehensive encyclopaedia for all of a Muslim’s religious affairs, including beliefs, acts of worship, dealings and character, as well as for individual and societal welfare. Al-Ghazālī’s style is that of one who practices what he knows, one who is determined to rise from the dry, ordinary manner of teaching to one which encourages action.

Price: RM89.00 / S/B$39.00 / US$29.00


'IRFAN - SUFISM: A Short Introduction
Murtaza Mutahhari
Paperback, 164 pages



This short introduction to ‘irfān is part of the author’s book Ashna’i ba ‘Ulum Islami (An Introduction to the Islamic Sciences). ‘Irfān, also known as tasawwuf (Sufism), is one of the disciplines that originated within the realm of Islamic culture and developed there to attain a high level of sophistication. This book examines ‘irfān as both a scientific and academic discipline and branch among the branches of Islam’s scientific culture and does not deal with its social and sectarian aspects. More specifically, it explores its beliefs, practices, different parts (Shariah, Tarīqah and Haqīqah) and its major practitioners throughout the history of Islam.

Price: RM17.00 / S/B$9.00 / US$7.00




Completely revised edition of Fazlul Karim's translation
Paperback, 440 pages



The book is a comprehensive encyclopaedia for all of a Muslim’s religious affairs, including beliefs, acts of worship, dealings and character, as well as for individual and societal welfare. Al-Ghazali’s style is that of one who practices what he knows, one who is determined to rise from the dry, ordinary manner of teaching to one which encourages action. Volume three focuses on the destructive vices and consists of ten books covering ‘The soul and its attributes’, ‘Disciplining the self’, ‘Breaking the two desires’, ‘Harms of the tongue’, ‘Anger, hatred and envy’, ‘Attachment to the world’, ‘Love for wealth’ , ‘Love for power and ostentation’ , ‘Pride and self-pride’ and ‘Condemnation of pride’.

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Malik Badri
Paperback, 168 pages



The famous was receiving many questions from its viewers from around the world in their forum. Many of which were psycho-spiritual in nature, making the need for a Muslim psychologist inevitable. When Malik Badri was approached by to initiate a cyber-counseling program, he readily obliged. The novel and humble collaboration of Malik Badri and in answering these questions has materialized in a book.

The selection of questions and solutions prescribed here are varied, from marital disharmony and dysfunctional families to anxiety disorders, parapsychology issues, drug addiction and the influence of the mind over body. It is hoped that some of the solutions provided here, based on Islamically modeled therapy, will continue to help others with similar problems in this changing world of globalization.

Price: RM35.00 / S/B$20.00 / US$14.00


Shibli Nomani, translated by M. Hadi Hussain
Paperback, 296 pages



Imam Abu Hanifah—commonly referred to as the Great Imam (al-Imam al-A‘zam)—occupies a commanding position in the history of Muslim Jurisprudence. Those who follow the school of Islamic Law associated with his name outnumber adherents of other schools. Iqbal in his Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam paid a high tribute to Imam Abu Hanifah’s “keen insight into the universal character of Islam” and, while dealing with the question of application of Islamic Law to modern conditions, expressed the view that “the school of Abu Hanifah ... possesses much greater power of creative adaptation than any other school of Mohammadan Law”.
This valuable book on Imam Abu Hanifah was originally written in Urdu under the title Sirat-i Nu’man by the celebrated historian and Islamic scholar Shibli Nomani, giving us his biography and an analysis of the salient characteristics of the Hanafi school of Law.

Price: RM39.00 / S/B$22.00 / US$15.00


Muhammad Iqbal
Paperback, 104 pages



In these two poems, Iqbal discusses the fall of the Muslim ummah, probes into its causes, shows his bereavement and offers a solution along with a message of hope.
In the first poem, Iqbal complains to God about the deplorable condition of the Muslim world and society and prays for divine help. In the second poem, which he wrote a few years later, he relays a response to the complaints on behalf of God.
In elaborating the causes of the rise and fall of the Muslim ummah, Iqbal hoped that Muslims would use them as a springboard for reviving their former status of prestige and glory.

Iqbal’s poetry has such great variety that several anthologies of it could be compiled, each quite different from the other. The series aims at introducing Iqbal’s poetry to the English-speaking world. While scholars and students will benefit from the work, it is hoped that general readers, both Muslim and non-Muslim, will find this series useful and interesting.

Price: RM17.00 / S/B$9.00 / US$7.00


Ali Ibn Ahmad al-Wahidi
Paperback, (Dar Al Wahi) 512 pages



Asbāb-al-Nuzūl or occasions and circumstances for the revelations; refers to a field of study and genre of literature devoted to recounting the circumstances of the Prophet Muhammad and his followers when particular verses from the Qur'an were revealed. Legal scholars regard this study as of great importance, on the principle that sound understanding of the revelation proceeds from knowing the reasons Allah revealed the Qur'an and how the Prophet Muhammad applied the revelation when he received it. Asbāb al-Nuzūl sheds light on the ayah, it enlightens the tafsir and application of the ayah.

Price: RM60.00 / S/B$32.00 / US$22.00


Completely revised edition of Fazlul Karim's translation
Paperback, 429 pages
The book is a comprehensive encyclopaedia for all of a Muslim’s religious affairs, including beliefs, acts of worship, dealings and character, as well as for individual and societal welfare. Al-Ghazālī’s style is that of one who practices what he knows, one who is determined to rise from the dry, ordinary manner of teaching to one which encourages action.

Volume one consists of ten Books covering Knowledge, The foundations of belief, The mysteries of cleanliness, Prayer, Zakah, Fasting, The secrets of pilgrimage, Recitation of the Qur’an, Invocations and supplications, and Regular devotions

Price: RM69.00 / S/B$36.00 / US$25.00


S.A. Rahman
Paperback, 237 pages



Hukuman ke atas murtad terus menjadi kontroversi yang tidak dapat diselesaikan dalam dunia Islam, walaupun dibincang dan dibahaskan sarjana Islam dan bukan Islam untuk berabad lamanya.
Kebelakangan ini, isu ini menjadi lebih penting ekoran kemunculan idea hak asasi manusia seperti kebebasan beragama. Kebangkitan semula Islam yang merupakan fenomena global turut menyerlahkan pelbagai aspek undang-undang Islam dan tanggapan tentang jenayah dan hukuman, seterusnya menyumbang kepada kritikan terhadap Islam.
Sebuah masyarakat majmuk seperti Malaysia terpaksa juga berhadapan dengan kontroversi berkaitan identiti dan status beragama, dan ini menjadikan pemahaman mengenai isu murtad dalam konteks negara Malaysia sesuatu yang penting.

Price: RM35.00 / S/B$20.00 / US$13.00


Amin Ahmad Islahi
translated by Mohammad Saleem Kayani
Paperback, 288 pages



Tadabbur-e-Qur’an by Amin Ahsan Islahi invites the reader to ponder and reflect on the message of the Qur’an. It is based on the principle of nazm or coherence and refutes the oft-repeated allegation that the Holy Book lacks order and continuity.
The present volume covers the third chapter of the Qur’an, Surah Ali ‘Imran. It serves as an important resource for students of the Qur’an because its contents are structured into logical sections and subsections with respect to theme and content. Each portion can thus be studied on a week-by-week or other regular basis in a systematic manner. The whole approach is to welcome enquiring and questioning minds to engage with the message of the Qur’an.

Price: RM65.00 / S/B$35.00 / US$25.00



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